Kevin Froleiks

Writer, Stand Up Comic, Podcaster, Actor

Writer, Stand Up Comic, Podcaster, Actor

CLIP SHOW Writer & Actor

Kevin Froleiks is a New Hampshire native who now makes the rounds as a comedian in New York City.  Kevin has studied comedy writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and performs stand up comedy nightly in clubs, colleges, bars, bowling alleys, and AM radio stations all over the East Coast. He describes his stand up as being “relatively clean” so that he can still make the squares nervous.

He currently hosts a podcast called Let’s Read Together, where comedians review books they’ve never actually read. He also writes for a monthly sketch show called Clip Show at The Creek and the Cave in Queens, NY. Kevin’s work has been featured on MTV and Fusion.

When asked about his goals for the future, Kevin replied, “I hope to one day be famous enough for people to know how to pronounce my last name.”

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